su that function as spells, do they provoke?

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I know SU do not usually provoke, but I havent gm'd in a while and I can't recall if an (su) just staright NEVER provokes, or they usually don't and if they are casting *like* X spell then they do. For example, Healing Hex, does that EVER provoke?

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CRB page 221 wrote:
Supernatural Abilities: These can’t be disrupted in combat and generally don’t provoke attacks of opportunity.

Using a supernatural ability only provokes if the text of the specific ability says it does.

Note that you might provoke an attack of opportunity if your supernatural ability does something that provokes for a different reason. Like if you had a supernatural ability that shot a ray as a ranged touch attack. That wouldn't provoke for using the ability but it would for making a ranged attack. (While a spell or spell-like ability that did the same thing would provoke twice.)

Healing Hex does not provoke.

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