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I am just wondering if there is any magical equipment that will
help the Master Summoner improve his summons.

Since it is a spell like ability I am having a hard time finding
anything that will help that.

However, if I want to cast a spell summon monsters I can find
plenty of stuff that will help the spell Magic cast the spell but just
nothing that helps spell like abilities and summons for the Master Summoner.

I am hoping that this is just oversight and there is a whole gaggle of
magical items that’s compatible with spell like abilities.

It's a spell-like ability which duplicates the effect of a named spell, summon monster. Any magic item or similar which says that it affects that exact spell should work.

I’m still not really understanding…
Can you post a few magic item ideas that will help spell like abilities,
When I cast summon monster?

Im looking for magic items that will enhance my spell like ability-
Summon Monster…

Here's one that works, it affects summon monster specifically.

On the other hand, a metamagic rod of extend spell wouldn't work - it affects all spells but not summon monster by name.

So this is what I was afraid of, no magic really helps spell like abilities.

Would Rod of Giant Summoning work?

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