Browser error made duplicate characters and now my name choice is locked?

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I was registering my first character and my browser hit a real hiccup; it created three characters, but only gave the name to the third. As I wanted that character to be in my 01 slot, I deleted the other two... but it's still saying "that avatar name is in use by someone else," even though the named slot was deleted. Is there any fix for this? I'd hate to have lost my first character's name to Google Chrome.

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It wasn't a Chrome error. Deleting Aliases (whether they're Organized Play characters or just regular Aliases) only removes them from view. The name is still registered, and therefore can't be duplicated.

For future reference, what you want to do is rename your Alias, then delete it. Or just rename it and keep it. You can keep renaming Aliases as long as they haven't posted 10 times.

For your current predicament, there's lots of creative ways to bring back a name. I deleted my character "Chip Chip" in the same fashion, and just brought him back as "ChipChip". Extra spaces or punctuation can make a name different enough to register, as well as letter variations like ø, å, é, etc.

Most Wingdings are also recognized by Paizo, so using Stars and other decorations is a popular method of "duplicating" names (such as with this Alias I'm posting with).

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Could you use a different spelling or give the person a title ? Keftui the undying or Kefti of Osirion for example.

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Plus, unless your character is going to be used for Play-by-Post, nobody will really see the name they're registered as.

You might be registered as "Kefti123", but when you sit down at a table (virtual or otherwise), you just introduce yourself as "Kefti".

20+ years of dealing with these sorts of website limitations means nobody really bats an eye at alternative naming conventions.

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Unfortunately, deleting a character does not move other characters up a "slot" The next registered character will show as your -4, and reporting your -2 and -3 will be a pain.

Your best option would be to email and ask them to undelete the characters, then rename your -3 character.

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