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Here’s a question for those that have had their subs shipped (still waiting on mine). With the way Spellstrike seems to be worded, could a Magus use Telekinetic Maneuver (2 actions, attack trait and targets a creature) to make a maneuver with a weapon attack roll?
That’d be as cool as hell

You can, the spell just need to be a spell attack roll to work.

You bonk them so hard they trip, get pushed, or are somehow entangled in your sword (breaking the physics engine)

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The wording heavily implies that you would use your attack roll for Telekinetic Maneuver, as your attack is coupled with the spell and used to determine the effects of both the Strike and the spell. This is actually a great way to build a Dex based trip or grapple build etc.

There is also a list of clauses after spell strike for rules interactions and none of that is relevant here.

(I don't have the book yet but my friend does and we're looking at it together)

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