What are some rule questions that you feel were not officially addressed?

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Just wondering what are the biggest questions about the rules that you have that were not adequately answered via FAQ, errata, or forum post by a Paizo employee or official contributor? I'm looking for those "unanswered" rules question left in Pathfinder 1st edition. Things you feel deserved an official response but never really got one.

How many saves do you roll if you get hit by multiple Ball Lightning balls at once?

The whole hands of effort, twf, none handed weapons, more than two hands subject area.


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A better explanation for how Simulacrum and Stone Shape work. I find their descriptions a bit too open to interpretation.

Okay; i have an open thread about this:
Rules about Ranged touch spells/attacks in friends, and not enemies.
Everybody is giving their ideas/opinions, but there is nothing explained about this in any source. So, there are no real/oficial rules about a game mechanic that exists (and more with the Metamagic feat: Reach Spell, from the Advances Player's Guide).

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Illusions; what they can and can't do, what interacting with an illusion means.

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Fiendish Proboscis - how is using this on your allies not utterly and ridiculously broken?

Oh, "hands' worth of effort", how I hate you so... that mess could be cleared up. Should be eliminated entirely, but that is not the subject of this debate.

How polymorph any object works when working with objects.

What the limits of suggestion are, it really could have used some examples.

When I first started, the GM at the time would have had the party fighter try and kill other PC's with it.

Then it got so bad with another GM that I couldn't even get an opponent to surrender because the GM decided that he may have been executed if he was imprisoned, which made no sense because not surrendering meant he died then and there. That felt like a situation where a low diplomacy or intimidate check should have convinced someone, let alone magical compulsion.

Then you have triggered suggestion where it actually uses an example of a guard attacking the king. That seems very extreme.

What special abilities are (in)appropriate for something with half the HD of a particular creature? (Simulacrum)

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