Adding 1 player for Threefold Conspiracy: Deceiver's Moon


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This is truly a rare opportunity.

We are adding one player to an existing Threefold Conspiracy PBP group here on the Paizo boards. We're getting ready to start book three of the Threefold Conspiracy adventure path, and sadly we're losing one player to real life. This is an excellent group that has been at it since May of 2020.

If you are interested, you may want to peruse our game play and discussion HERE.

As a new character joining us for the the third book DECEIVER'S MOON, you'll either be part of a mercenary company called Pike's Perytons, or a junior level Steward agent. Pike's Perytons were working for the Stewards when they came across the original group of PC's.

You'll create a 5th level character with the standard 9,000 credits worth of gear. This character has noticed some odd things going on with the Steward agents and mercenaries you've been working with (as the GM, I will let you in on these secrets--some of the information I feed you will be false, some may be true, and the original PC's won't know any of it to start off with).

Your character's personality is more important than your character's background. Your characters background is more important than your character's stats.

Here is the current dramatic personae:

1. Rar'gul, a trox vanguard
2. T'sorkel, a shirren mystic
3. Dr. Lilith Flint-Bridge, a halfling envoy/biohacker
4. John Rawlins, a human operative
5. Beauregard, a nuar witchwarper

As you can see, most of the bases are covered fairly well. At first glance, mechanic may be a good choice for a new character, but all classes will be considered.

I am generally fine with any race from an official Paizo source. I would expect a particularly interesting background should you choose a race that isn't seen often in the Pact Worlds. There are probably 3-4 races that are off limits. I won't list them here, but should you choose one, I will message you and suggest a plan B.

We're playing heroes in this game who generally have tried to do the right thing. No evil or CN for alignment.

Each of us tend to stick to the usual 6 posts per week. Occasionally that waxes and wanes, but this is a hard working group and we have already fought through two books and had a great time!

Go ahead and post a brief submission for your character that includes your proposed character's class, race, and a short background. No need to flesh out your submission just yet. If I would like to see more, I will ask you.

I do apologize that I am only able to offer one spot. If you aren't chosen, please watch for my recruitment thread for Junker's Delight, which will be coming soon (I'll be recruiting four new players for that one).

Two addendums:

Recruitment will likely close in about a week.

Also, I will offer a Starfinder Society chronicle sheet for this if you wish.

Hi GM,

I would like to apply for this, but I am going out of town this Friday for a week, so I wouldn't be here for any follow up posts until next weekend.

Would you rather I not apply, or can I get you the requirements above before I leave and still be considered? (I am a very consistent player normally... this just hits at an inopportune time for a vacation I had planned.)

I am thinking an android technomancer offhand, but wanted to make sure you were okay with the absence before I submitted anything officially.

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Zanbabe wrote:

Hi GM,

I would like to apply for this, but I am going out of town this Friday for a week, so I wouldn't be here for any follow up posts until next weekend.

Would you rather I not apply, or can I get you the requirements above before I leave and still be considered? (I am a very consistent player normally... this just hits at an inopportune time for a vacation I had planned.)

I am thinking an android technomancer offhand, but wanted to make sure you were okay with the absence before I submitted anything officially.

Please do apply.

We can work around your vacation schedule and have your character encounter the others within the week you return.


Zetara, an Android Esper Technomancer 5

Personality: Open, curious, mostly logical and practical, but oddly (for an android) passionate about certain things (for instance, the Swarm).


(spoilered because it ran longer than I was expecting)

Zetara is a survivor from a Swarm-ravaged world, attacked by a mindreaper who mistakenly thought she was human and then left broken, many of her memories harvested and her psyche harmed, but her mind still (mostly) intact since she was without an organic brain to harvest. In the process of her partial memory-wipe, all of her bottled up emotions were unleashed all at once. The attack left her largely inoperable, but conscious of everything that was flooding her non-organic and incomplete mind, and she went a little bit crazy, at least in android terms, being trapped, finding holes where information should be, and unable to regulate her emotions for quite a long while.

She was rescued and imperfectly repaired by scavengers/slavers coming to scour the ruins of the planet for anything they could sell, and they patched her up and then sold her into slavery, but she doesn't hold that against them. She was glad that someone came by that was willing to restore her, for whatever reason. Plus, it was practical. She needed time to restore herself emotionally, and took the time to work off what she felt was a fair price for her purchase price at standard rates, decided that she had fulfilled her obligation, and then left. Being significantly more intelligent than the man who had purchased her made that fairly straightforward, and since the slavery was illegal, she was confident that he would not attempt to recover what he saw as his "property."

After she left, she worked odd jobs until she could afford some real repairs, and even some upgrades, and then when she was able, she joined the Stewards as a junior officer, working on a task force to combat psychic threats.

Let me know if that combo seems too weird for you/your game, and I can adjust. Also working on the details of the character, but you said you would ask if you wanted more, and this seems long enough for a brief description. :)

Very interested! I’ve been wanting to play some Starfinder. Not quite sure what I’ll make as of yet.

I'll be looking forward to seeing what you come up with, Simeon.

I'm thinking I'll build an Android Steward officer, given the themes of the AP, I like the idea of an android who is questioning why they were created, and that subtle paranoid concern that there are hidden directives programmed directly into their consciousness by some shadowy organization.

A mechanic could work well with that theme given that an Exocortex is a direct neural implant. Especially if it has a synthesized voice ...

Exocortex: Good morning, I've detected a power fluctuation in AE35 power conduit, what are your instructions?
Mechanic: Shut down AE35, and reroute through AE33, until repair and diagnostics can be completed.
Exocortex: I'm sorry, I can't do that. It violates my programmed directives.
Mechanic: ... what directives, I programmed you.
Exocortex: I'm afraid that information is classified. Is there anything I can assist you with?
Mechanic: Classified? By ... who ...
(Queue X-Files theme music)

Very creative and thematic outlook on this, Zen. Definitely some good ideas there.

This is sounding more like an old fashioned game of Paranoia.
Don't panic; and keep your laser handy!

Happiness is mandatory! Though not guaranteed ... have you had your Happiness Pill tm today?

Now, as for my submission, allow me to introduce Galatea-5.

Galatea is a lithe android, standing just over 5 and a half feet tall. Jet black hair falls in a cascade around her narrow face and pointed chin. Keen, inquisitive cobalt blue eyes stare out at the world from behind her bangs, though she is an android and typically unexpressive, she does value her biologic companions, and strives to ensure that they are protected and well care for, medically and emotionally.

In the field, she often wears a heavy assault battle harness, it's armored bulk doing much to conceal and protect her slight frame. It has a spotlight located off center on the chest plate, and the Stewards symbol emblazoned on it's shoulder plating, the left of which also houses a massive plasma bolter, that can be fired independently of her carried weapons and gear.

Galatea-5 is a curious young android, very excited by the opportunity to see the larger universe, encountering different species and cultures, and is likely to become excited with the opportunity to do so. Concerned with her previous iteration's data corruption, she will often record her experiences on external logs, concealing those in her many journeys, to be retrieved and reviewed later, especially if they can be compared with her internal storage to ensure that there are no discrepancies.

In her previous iteration she was careless with her accusations, and now conceals her motives until she is certain she can trust those she chooses to open up to. However, she is still idealistic enough to believe in the perfect unity of community, law, and democracy that are the central tenets of Abadar's faith, if not, AbadarCorp itself. As such she is fiercely loyal and protective of those who have proven themselves worthy of her trust and respect.

An android who exited the Renewal chamber to discover herself in the cathedral-bank of Abadar, located at the heart of Absalom station, and, indeed, the Pact Worlds themselves. Her renewal process was seamless, reintegrated into the hub of AbadarCorp, however, Galatea-4, unlike her predecessor, was less interested in the intricacies of political and corporate power, and wished to serve by ensuring that the law was applied equally, and without bias, through the Pact space.

Given her difficulties in empathizing with biological lifeforms, she was unable to serve in the Stewards diplomatic corps, instead enlisting to aid the Stewards as a quartermaster, ensuring that all teams were adequately supplied and equipped for any assigned missions or unforeseen crisis. She served admirably in this capacity, earning praise from her superiors, which endeared her to AbadarCorp, to whom she owed her allegiance and devotion.

She was promoted to Constable to Agent after uncovering an android trafficking ring running out of Akiton that was then transporting the data wiped androids to merchants in the Diaspora. However, on investigation, it become obvious to Galatea, that certain aspects of the trafficking ring were not entirely unfamiliar to the Pact Council, and some members may be profiting from, in essence, slavery, repurposing androids for unknown purposes.

It was during these investigations that Galatea suffered her first data glitch, according to an internal diagnostic, the loss of approximately 7 seconds. While such a lapse might not be, entirely unheard of in a biologic sentience, it was, for Galatea, a horrific discovery. While continuing her investigations into the disappearance of Akitonian android workers, she began to formulate a series of schematics, which would upgrade, and track her internal quantum neural network, what a biologic would refer to as their brain. While funding for the project would require significant investment, she continued working on it, partly as a way to stave off the anxiety and paranoia that was continuing to build.

During her investigation she was contacted by the AAF, or Android Abolitionist Front, who helped her with the investigation, eventually discovering that the android were ending up on Apostae, registered to a House Zeizerer subsidiary. Afraid to bring in Steward backup, for fear of alerting a conspiracy amongst the Pact Council, the AAF backed her up on the raid, allowing her to bring down the trafficking ring. However, she was critically injured during the assault on the Zeizerer-backed depot, suffering major trauma resulting in a complete shut down.

Galatea-5 awoke in a renewal chamber on Chainbreaker One, the AAF's capital ship, deep within the Diaspora. Months had passed since Galatea-4 had gone missing in action during a botched raid on a Zeizerer arms depot that was smuggling arms to a faction of the Corpse Fleet. An internal diagnostic showed that the exocortex Galatea-4 had designed was now operational, aiding her quantum-neural processing net. Her AAF contacts informed her that she had been injured, but they had pulled her out of the depot so she could enter the Renewal Chamber on the Chainbreaker. To maintain Galatea's position within the Stewards, they sent out a distress signal from a captured Corpse Fleet skiff, and when the Stewards discovered the vessel, they found their missing Agent.

After psychological review, she was busted down to Deputy Constable, and returned to her quartermaster position. She has now served almost a year without contact from the AAF, her current assignment is to provide support for a Steward team due to rendezvous with the mercenary company, Pike's Perytons.

Interesting! From scanning through your maps, it looks like starship combat hasn't been involved yet? Is that a small/absent part of this adventure path? Asking since a character's role in that extremely iconic mechanic means a lot for how I would RP them.

caster4life wrote:
Interesting! From scanning through your maps, it looks like starship combat hasn't been involved yet? Is that a small/absent part of this adventure path? Asking since a character's role in that extremely iconic mechanic means a lot for how I would RP them.

Very astute observation.

The first two book of this particular AP do not have any starship combat.

There is a chance we could see some starship combat in the future, but my advice would be to NOT create a "starship combat build".

Totally makes sense. Thank you!

I've got a...rather goofy idea. Essentially, he's an SRO soldier from a planet of sentient machines, all of which think they're in a medieval age while still utilizing some level of advanced technology. He'll be an armor storm soldier that uses heavy weapons, power armor, and two-handed melee and acts like the very image of a courtly knight while being, well, a robot.

If that's a bit too out there, let me know, figured I'd go ahead and ask before committing to it.

Simeon, this sounds like fun. I'd love to read how you connect this SRO to either this mercenary company, or the stewards.

Turns out I can finally use my main profile pic for a character avatar. Hooray! Here is my submission (player=caster4life). Happy to provide more detail, flesh things out, tweak, whatever. I have only been able to glean a limited amount of setting info from the wikis so I'm happy to adjust/flesh out things on that score as prompted.

Class: Technomancer
Race: Vesk

Seems the existing party has everything covered nicely but would benefit most from intelligence added. I decided technomancer over mechanic as I think a technomancer vesk is a fun concept.


Janebok (Jane to most Pact Worlders) is a female Vesk standing almost eight feet tall but is significantly slighter than most Vesk with less prominent and thick scales. When on duty, she wears her Steward uniform in perfect order. Off-duty, she wears a simple, long, hooded robe that draws less attention to the fact that she is Vesk. She carries a minimalistic, carbon fiber staff (secretly her spell cache) that she uses to help support her weight on higher gravity stations and worlds.

Spikes with skin webbed between them on her head make her appearance even more unsettling so she generally keeps them folded close together to be less noticeable. Her scales have large swathes of green and red over different areas of her body.


Alignment: LN

Janebok enjoys warm spaces and low gravity. Like most reptilians, she loathes physical cold as it makes her sluggish. She keeps her affairs with rigid order and efficiency and makes little small talk, unless she deems it advantageous to her priorities. She is a focused worker who rarely displays strong emotions except for rare fits of rage during battle. Her lone messy habit is to consume bloody raw meat upon occasion as a special treat.

Jane strongly believes in the traditions of the Vesk. Old knowledge can tell one everything needed to live the proper life. There is nothing new orbiting the suns.

On a station, one only resorts to weaponized violence when absolutely necessary, as a stray shot could kill everyone. But when violence is required, cold, fast efficiency is the only way.


Janebok grew up in an asteroid belt station in the Veskarium. A life in low gravity made her tall, even for a vesk, but slight. She quickly learned to manipulate tools and consoles for survival, forcing her to become more dexterous and quick-witted. Living in a station, she was familiar with constant, existential threats to body and clan, instilling a hypervigilant, no-nonsense attitude that values preparation and duty.

Caring for the station and learning the old tales of her clan and brood, Janebok developed an exquisite proficiency with technology. Further, she learned to apply lessons from the old tales. Just like an animal, computers are complex systems; you can manipulate them both with the same ancient tricks. Her brood gave her the title "the Cold" after she braved a coolant leak, rerouting the system around the leaking conduit, before the coolant could asphyxiate an entire module of Vesk.

In her limited free time,Jane speed-read logs, the net, and the station's limited library. She was completely disgusted to learn of the chaos and in-fighting present in the Pact Worlds and Veskarium despite the need for unity against the Swarm. She determined to strengthen the principals of order needed for defeating the Swarm by joining the most prominent keepers of order in recent history, the Stewards.

The recruiting office was not thrilled when a tall, slim vesk walked in. Lacking a specific prohibition against Vesk recruits,the staff agents administered the inductee tests. But a hostile staff agent administered a strength test that, despite being by the book, was significantly more difficult than normal. When Janebok failed, she was denied entry, despite passing or excelling at all the other tests.

She was unsure how to proceed until a Pact World diplomat decided to smooth over a gaffe with the Veskarium and pulled some strings. Her strength test was re-administered with traditional rigor and Janebok satisfied the minimum requirement. Given her other scores, she was admitted as a Steward Op. But this victory tasted bitter in her mouth as it had looked like she needed favoritism to make it in. If possible, she worked with even greater focus to prove her worth.

She received a mixture of receptions from her fellow Stewards. Most did not care what she looked like but only that her work was good, treating her with respect and fairness. A small minority, however, missed no opportunity to make her feel unwelcome or criticize her work. Thanks to both, she is guarded with Pact Worlders in general but polite and always ready to forge alliances for the furtherance of her missions and Mission. This demeanor re-earned her the nickname "the Cold", this time for different reasons. Instructed to liaise with the investigators rescued from the research facility, Janebok planned to determine exactly what their role in events was and if they could make worthy allies.

Minor disclaimer:

I'm trying to keep my number of PBP games small since I have one on Paizo and several on Discord right now. I applied to another game also recruiting a single replacement just before now. In the unlikely event I am selected for that game AND this one, I would feel bound to give that game priority.

Name: Baron Omicron Exithorian XIV
Race/Theme/Class: SRO Noble Scion Soldier (Star Knight archetype)


The Vast world of Oxizis is a conundrum to even the most ardent of scholars. It is a world of robots, yes, but unlike most others, these robots are far from technologically advanced. There are no ruthlessly efficient megacities, no foundries that churn out resources to feed a solar system, no labs where vast thinking machines ponder the questions of the universe. Instead, Oxizis is a world of stone castles built by the labor of robotic draft animals, mechanical peasant farmers toiling in fields of biomechanical crops, and an ever-shifting web of feudal alliances, all done by a population of sentient robotic organisms. Among this medieval technology, however, lie ancient vaults of highly advanced tech, giving the planet's ruling dynasties access to powered armor and space-age weaponry. Why the world exists as it does is a mystery, the answers lost to the Gap.

It was onto this paradox of a planet that Omicron was made, the heir to the noble and powerful Exithorian family, who had once commanded a sprawling empire across the planet’s western continent. Though their influence had waned, as it does with all noble houses, their prestige and influence was still strong, and their resources considerable. His code compiled quickly, and he took the learning the ways of war as was asked of him. To master the ways of blade, power armor, and slugthrower was no easy thing, but he learned fast too. When he came of age, he was given nominal rule over the barony of Buxal-192, a rich agricultural shire with highly competent administrators. The fief ran itself, largely, and so Omicron had very little need to truly rule.

With a father that was going to rule for many years to come, and a fief that had no real need of a baron, Omicron took to adventuring. The tech-vaults of Oxizis were often well hidden or well guarded, and noble scions often took to delving into their depths to find more caches of precious technology. He did well, but the thirst for adventure was still strong in his central processor.

Some starships do come to Oxizis, mainly for research and trade in their unique biomechanical crops, and after a great feast in his honor, Omicron left for the stars for greater things, becoming a knight-errant until the day he would take rulership of House Exithorian. A mercenary on the ship turned out to be a member of Pike’s Perytons, and Omicron decided mercenary work was for him.

Appearance and Personality:

Omicron is a tall SRO. While gender is a nebulous concept among the SROs, Omicron’s code determined he would be male, and he presents as such. His body looks like a sculpted suit of armor, hands like gauntlets and intricate detailing like one might find on an ancient suit of full plate armor. In combat, he dons a set of powered armor found in the vaults of Oxizis long ago and passed down to him, wielding a swoop hammer and a machine gun mounted to his power armor.

Despite his robotic nature, Omicron was taught the ways of chivalry and courtly behavior. He is kind and deeply protective of his friends and merciful to his enemies that ask for it. Deeply enamored with tales of valor and the glory of battle, Omicron does love a fight. The thrill of battle never fades for him, and he gives no quarter to those who oppose him. They must be bested, and his skill of battle absolutely certain to all who witness it. Out of battle, Omicron is very charming, his courtly experience having given him quite a way with words. Being able to instantly access guides on a culture’s etiquette through his built-in datajack helps too.

I have some great submissions here. I'm thankful for the work you all have put in.

I'll be closing submissions tomorrow, 8/25/21. I'm still happy to look at any last minute character ideas.

Cool! Best of luck to everyone. I quite appreciate the character concepts present here so it'll be interesting to see how this goes.

Good luck folks!

Looking forward to seeing who the final cast is. Good luck to my co-conspirators!!

*checks thread, returns to the Veskarium to wait*

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I'll be making a post in just a little bit.

Also, all four of you who made submissions will be receiving PM's from me.

I may have options for everyone (though only one will be invited to participate in the Threefold Conspiracy game).

Sit tight. Tonight's my late night at work, but I'll be home soon to attend to this.

This spot has been offered to Zen Gypy's Galatea-5 submission. Galatea is a great submission that embraced certain aspects of the setting and would fit in well with the existing group.

The other three submissions were also excellent. I wish I had spot for all of them.

WAIT A MINUTE! I actually might. PM's have been sent to everyone, and they include an offer regarding my upcoming Junker's Delight game for the three who were not chosen.

Congrats, Galatea! I also enjoyed your submission. Great concept.

Now checking my PMs.

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