Melbourne, Victoria, Australia: I'm hoping for help finding a lost friend

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Years ago now, I became genuine friends (very rare for me) with a poster who, for whatever reason, is no longer with us: DM Under The Bridge.

I would, really, really like to reconnect with him, an I am reasonably certain he would be happy to hear from me again. Unfortunately, I am an American, and I never knew enough about him to be able to find him outside this site, which it appears he has not come to since 2015.

Is there ANY chance anyone in the Melbourne area knows him, and/or could help me find him? I don't even know his real name (I know his profession and home city, but we all knows how or why either of those might've changed since 2015?).

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you might send an email to Tonya/Alex and see if they could play middleman for the reconnect. They cannot give out customer info like email, etc. but they might be willing to reach out to the person directly and ask for permission to share that info or maybe give them your info. Good luck!

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You mean the Organized Play heads?

I don't believe this fellow was ever involved in Organized Play; I mean, I've got nothing against them in particular, but I'm not sure they'd be willing to help with anything not specifically Society-related.

Interesting that you should suggest that - before I brought this issue here, I posted it somewhere else, where some of the replies were preemptively-scoldy at the very implication of that course of action.

It's a huge planet, and on this planet are countless worlds, therefore the fact that people's expectations would differ so greatly is no surprise - but what does surprise (and concern) me is just how many people seem so oblivious to that very state of affairs (anomie as the norm) and I see people with dead-ass-opposite standards and expectations from each other yet they're all aghast at me for in any way questioning what they take for granted; makes me feel a bit like Ratatosk sans job-security.

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Oh for f%!@'s sake. Ignore those knuckleheads. Some people are only happy when they are overreacting and raging about something.

I assumed that when you posted in this forum, it was because the person you are looking for was involved in org play and might see the post. That is why I mentioned reaching out out to the org play leadership or perhaps the RVC of the area, Australia I presume. Maybe they will ignore you, maybe not. I wouldn't suggest or expect them to just give you the person's contact info, but since they have access to all customer information, maybe they could provide your contact information to the person you're looking for and leave it up to them to reach out. I wouldn't think that would violate anything.

Org play is a community after all, so I would expect someone would/could help you.

Another option might be to hit the Discord channels. The person might be in there or perhaps someone in there knows them and can work as a middleman.

I wish you luck!

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Sorry mate, Victoria is the next state over - about a 9 hour drive - so don't know them. if GMUTB was a Society player then he'd probably be known by the Asia Pacific RVC, or on Facebook in the Vic page for PFS/SFS.


Googling his name brings up a Reddit user who posted on r/DnD until 2 years ago, maybe someone there knows him?

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