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I have not yet read all the AP. I am curious if everything that happens and is referenced in the path limited to just the city of Otari and the lighthouse. More specifically, if I were to uproot the city and lighthouse and drop those 2 things into a homebrew world, could I run the books as is? Or would I have to modify some things because X,Y and Z refer to Golarion specific things?

It's very self-contained. The adventure is about the dungeon, and the history and inhabitants thereof, with little external connection.

Should be easy to use in a homebrew world.

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Cool. That's what their blurbs were making it sound like. Was just wanting to ask the people who had actually read and run it if that was true.


The only really important bit is that Belcorra's family has to have been kicked out of a large city so she can start her revenge quest by building a lighthouse nearby to serve as her lair.

A few of the rooms have maps of Absalom, said nearby city, and murals and dioramas of the various sieges and attacks the city has withstood in its long history.

So long as you remember to alter said locations accordingly, there should be no issues.

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We transitioned our 10-year, 2-edition d&d world to pathfinder this year and I’ve been running Abomination Vaults by subbing Otari in for an unexplored town and subbing in a nearby major city for Absalom.

I did a couple of other things to make the Drow, Nhimbaloth, and Wisps integrate with the world better, but those were pretty minor.

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