Caster Items?



Other than the obvious spell gem, ampule, chips..

What items are the collectives suggestion for good caster stuff? useful things that boost casting. or anything interesting or useful that produces nice small magical effects or what have you~

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Djezet serum, 1 hour boost to spell DCs.

Shimmer Stone(?) Staff (it's in AA3), advanced weapon that gives a +1 DC to emotion/fear spells.

Djezet added to armor for caster level boost.

Aeon Stone that gives a caster level boost.

Maleficent fusion on higher level weapons to try to curse a target with a shot before you cast a spell to finish them off. Djezet and the potent fusion on that same weapon for a +3 to the DC on the bestow curse effect.

Oh Djezet is neatokeen. Its interesting it adds to DCs of magical effects via the weapon.. but I"m not sure what that can apply to off hand.

Although it might help certain things with the spell sergeant's spell strike sort of deal. If there is a touch spell with a DC.

Scarab Sages

Digital Harrow Deck - 1/d free Augury ...

If you are a Mystic and know the spell, you can skip spending Resolve to cast the spell.

If you are a Technomancer, make it into your Spell Cache, and get +1 Caster Level on Divination spells, and can spend 1RP as Swift action to add +1 to a cast spell's DC.


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