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One of the best things about this class is how gonzo you can go with describing your adaptive strikes.

For Example my daughter has a kiirinta who leg accumulates globs of acid in combat which she can kick off at enemies.

So kinda like an acidic pollen that they self-generate? Neat.

I'm looking at trying to emulate an Alex Mercer-like character (protagonist from the Prototype game), so mine is just him mutating his arm into a big blade. Eventually he'd pick up the adaptation that allows him to change damage types to make big poundy meat-fists or bony/chitinous spikes.

Not super original, I know.

I'm kind of going at it from a different pov. Its kind of against the "flavor" of the class... But I think this is a fantastic class to build someone like Adlet from Rokka no Yuusuha. Or any other character who "seems to always have more and more weapons, tools and random things they use to fight with"

You can flavor the strike as a short sword, or boot knife, sharp greeves. Throwing darts, knives, random things. Suddenly blowing fire by exhaling and sparking it with flint/lighter in your teeth. or in a more flavor to starfinder; pulling a Jango fett arm flamer or acid blaster.

I think this is a fantastic class to go with that kind of thing. Though the EP is a bit odd for it for that of course.

Zwordsman does sound interesting, probably want to be a Mech niche for that

Yeah. Something similiar. There are a few of the current niches that can work with a bit of weird flavoring. Robot one if you're apt for that roboticness.

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I decided that one of my playtest characters is going to be a Sepulchral stellifera that just stares at enemies from its fishbowl, doing bludgeoning damage. Like, they meet its fishy gaze and start bleeding from their eyes and ears as their internal organs implode.

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One of my playtest characters is a sepulchral copaxi whose coral has started to develop already dead, but somehow enduring. Their adaptive strike is shedding coral polyps at enemies from afar, and they have the versatile strike adaptation to quickly shape the polyps' growth.

I'm also considering a dirindi detective who had case where ne had to track down a damaged robot dragon inclined to plasma. Something happened along the trail that ne doesn't talk about, and ner natural electrical abilities have started interfering with the plasma ne now carries inside ner, causing ner sweat to superheat from the interaction. That is to say, melee fire adaptive strikes, a mechanized niche, and the dazzling outburst adaptation.

That sounds great.
Also reminds me of a specific digimon. So thats neat.

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