Will they survive?

Abomination Vaults

I've got a three player party, starting at second level with a free archetype. Party consists of a gnome tempest oracle with the blessed one archetype, ratfolk (tiefling) forensic medicine investigator with the ghost hunter archetype, and an orc sword and board fighter with archetype yet to be decided.

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If they get enough XP to be 1 level ahead of an equivalent four person party, they will be fine. Remind them it's a long term, sandboxy dungeon crawl, so they should be willing and able to retreat whenever things get tough.

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I would make sure to have an NPC that stays close enough to rush in and pull people out if things go badly. The biggest problem with the 3 person party (even with a level ahead) is the risk of a bad round seeing 2 players drop at once. Maybe have Wrin come and set up camp just outside the ruins, maybe even using divination to keep an eye on them.

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