[Kobold Press] Tome of Heroes Kickstarter!

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Kobold Press is thrilled to announce that Tome of Heroes for 5e is coming to Kickstarter!

Create heroes of legend, ready to take their place in song and saga. Take up your sword and staff, and seize your destiny!

Tome of Heroes will contain rules for new character races and subclasses, martial maneuvers, and spells, as well as new equipment, expanded magic rules, and much more!

Be sure to sign up for Kickstarter Notifications!! to be alerted the moment the Kickstarter goes live (and see some of the awesome cover art by Craig Spearing)!

Liberty's Edge

Final Week of the Kickstarter!

$279,924 pledged so far!
4,918 backers and still growing

So far 24 stretch goals have been unlocked, including 8 new subraces, 13 new subclasses, a dozen new backgrounds, new options for downtime, and new rules for gunpowder and firearms!

Kobold Press Tome of Heroes Kickstarter!

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