Troubles in Otari: Chapter 2


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Hey everyone that reads this!

I was just reading through the end of Chapter 2 in the Troubles in Otari Adventure, its where my players are heading next.


I was reading the entry for Hargrit Leadbuster, and on his Melee and Ranged attack with his dagger, he has an additional 1d10 fire to the damage for his dagger.

I just wanted to know if this was a mistake? or where in the world that 1d10 fire damage comes from because unless i'm missing something somewhere then there is no source for it, and if my PCs are getting hit with a dagger that is producing 1d10 extra fire damage they are going to want that dagger.

But if it is from some other source i'm not seeing it...can anyone help me out if they have figured it out?

Thanks in advance

He's a fanatic of Asmodeus, the ruler of Hell. So it's flavour divine fire in his hands.

Otherwise, it's just a regular +1 Dagger.

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