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So I have a character concept in my head of a gish-type character. Anyway I was thinking of making a character who wanted to train at the Acadamae in Korvosa, but because of some reason, socio-economic status, racism, maybe the headmaster just had a grudge, the character was only allowed to attend in a limited fashion. Finally fed up, they left. The concept is kinda a martial character half-trained in wizardry. A character that wants to be a wizard but has had to supplement their spotty training with martial training from the school of hard knocks.

I suppose the easiest answer is ‘wait for the magus to come out,’ but I was looking for other options.

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Rogue Eldritch Trickster is an easy entry to multiclass dedication of your choice.

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Ancient Elf would work, too.

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It depends on which side you want weaker, martial or magic. If magic, just pick up a spellcasting dedication, and visa-versa for if you want Martial to be weaker. There isn't really a way to do half/half at this point.

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Sounds like a Ruffian Rogue, Fighter, or Monk as the base class with a spell casting dedication fits the concept. Probably better than the Magus will. Eldritch Trickster could work too; I often caution people against it -- people get very enticed by trying to make magical trickster work on ranged rogues, and its rather tough/limiting, but it does work well if you're thinking about being a melee rogue.

This does mean you'll want to pick spells that are self-buffs or utility more than attack or save spells, since your spell proficiency will lag. Things like blur or jump at low level can work well. Shield cantrip, detect magic. Produce flame is probably a good choice if you take the melee rogue eldritch trickster aproach.

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