Fixing sanity rules


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Converting Lovecraft creatures and magic to FRPGs has been problematic because of the sanity rules. Rather than going into whether he, and all of his stories were racist(probably) just look at it as how much a character is thinking along the lines of the natural and supernatural lines of their native environment.

Mythos mindedness
0-Thinks it's just a monster with an insanity causing power(+2 to will save to resist)
1-Thinks the mythos planes are just a more distant part of the dark tapestry. Can learn and cast 1st level Mythos spells.
2-Has some mannerisms and phrases that seem alien. ""2nd level Mythos spells.
3-Can sense the approach of mythos creatures, and vice versa. ""3rd level Mythos spells.
4-Seems slightly delusional. Seems confused about natural laws. ""4th level Mythos spells.
5-Delusional. Confuses rules of both planes. ""5th level Mythos spells.
6-Very delusional, but seems only slightly delusional to mythos creatures. ""6th level Mythos spells.
7-Hard to understand. ""7th level Mythos spells.
8-""8th level Mythos spells.
9-Can hardly function. Walks into walls and such. ""9th level Mythos spells.

A mesmerist can change a subject's mythos rating, usually to 0. A mixed breed deep one/human will shift from human at 1 to a full deep one at 9. A mystic can control their mythos rating consciously.

Cure insanity will reset the rating to the current environment so be careful.

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Check out book 4 of the Carrion Crown AP. it's got all the insanity stuff already written up for you.

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Doesn't Sandy Petersen's "Cthulhu Mythos" has its own Sanity rules? I own the book but can't get to it right now to check.

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hmmm... could refer to Sanity & Madness and Types on AoN and they refer to GameMastery Guide circa p250. The chart omits dementia, senility, alzheimers, autism.... I suspect the list is a bit short, see List of Mental Disorders on wikipedia. PF/DnD game system doesn't have the accuracy to distinguish between psychological and neurological based afflictions.
Secondary mental disorders increase the DC +5 rather than like afflictions(poisons) at +2. I'd move it to the lesser penalty as that also should affect the check to cure it.

In Call of Cthulhu, the rules are more focused about the mundane, skill checks (heal checks) and regaining Sanity loss. They don't have the breadth or inundation of magic that exists in PF/DnD. One heal spell would negate the tenacious horror aspect of PC existence in CoC.

Sanity from Unearthed Arcana {duplicate} DnD 3.5 which is OGL {thanks to Homebrew forum}
Call of Cthulhu v7 Quick Start Guide pdf by Chaosium.

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I altered the Sanity & Madness rules for my Strange Aeon campaign and I felt it worked out well.

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kadance wrote:
I altered the Sanity & Madness rules for my Strange Aeon campaign and I felt it worked out well.

Very interesting. I'll have to try them out with my bunch.

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