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I know it seems wierd, but I have a few friends that wants to start playing some PFS1 games.

Anyone have links to the last version of the Guide to Organized Play, Quick Start Guide, the forum threads that tell about playing in PFS1, Faction Reward sheets, and/or any other links I should give them?

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Organized Play main page, including creating a player account.
PFS1 Legacy FAQ, which has a bunch of starter information.
PFS1 Additional Resources
PFS1 Campaign Clarifications
PFS1 Free Resources, including Guide to Organized Play and Faction Reward sheets.

Liberty's Edge

Much appreciated!

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You're welcome.

Note: At the time I made that post, the links to AR and CC that I posted work and the links in the FAQ to those pages do not work, so you may want to make your own bookmarks.

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