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Hi All-

I just ordered the character add-on deck for S&S. Feiya looks like an interesting character but I'm puzzled by her suggested starting deck. It only includes one attack spell (Frostbite) and one evasion spell (Confusion). Maybe I am missing something but with no weapon I am wondering how that starting decklist allows her to get through more than a couple of fights per scenario (even with successful recharging of spells).

thanks in advance for any thoughts!

It looks to me like the suggested deck list for Feiya is intended to focus on her as buffing another local character. Her primary power, after all, is about helping another local character (and, coincidentally, cycling through her deck). In this, pairing her with Lem, Valeros, or Damiel might be a good strategy since all of these characters can similarly buff local checks.

Most players that are familiar with the game don't use the suggested deck lists. If you want to build Feiya for direct action (rather than as the assistant that her suggested deck list creates), you can change her deck. Personally, I'd max out on Attack spells (for direct action) and allies with the Animal trait (to return spells to your hand if you fail to recharge them). She can still buff another local character, but can take more action herself.

I appreciate this reply. I am definitely familiar with the game and don't always adhere to the suggested decklist, but I do like to see what the designers suggest in hopes to glean some insight into how they intend a character to be played. In this case it seems like they were suggesting little-to-no offense for her, which seemed odd.

your take on it makes sense. thanks again!


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