(GM Questions) Plunder and Peril


My questions aren't very common and I'm not sure if this would be answered by anyone here, but I'm running Plunder and Peril for some friends.

They don't tend to ask a lot of questions, but I do and I like to overthink things.

Warvil being trapped on the island for 2 years while he was married to Varossa seems wild to me? My personal opinion, she seems like the type who'd just take his/their ship and move on with her life? How did he end up on that island? Did Varossa just let her back on the ship just like nothing had happened/normal? Seems just bizarre to me! Haha it's probably never going to come up but I was like "woah this is pretty weird."

I'm curious as well how Besmaran priests were able to execute criminals using the Blackwarn's Gallows. Like did they climb up themselves? I am assuming majority of the clergy do not use magic so I was trying to think of a mundane way it woulda happened. The lighter chains are attached underneath so that seems weird and interesting how they did that easily. I'm again thinking about it too much but *I'd* be asking all these questions if I was a player because I'm obnoxious like that.

Thanks for anyone who wants to discuss and I hope this is the right board for this!

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