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I'm two sessions into RoG with 6 players. One of them, during session one and before entering the ruins, decided that after a night of drinking his Goblin Rogue wanted to sneak onto the log flume and take a ride. I improvised, using the chase rules from the GMG to simulate the PC trying to "outrun" the logs that came down behind him... He eventually ended up failing a check and got shot off the flume (also failed the Grab an Edge Check twice after burning a Hero Point). He took some serious damage, but more importantly, was spotted and chased by those patrolling the flume. They can can describe/identify him. He got away and was able to leave with the party for the ruins the next morning.

In game time, this occurred last night. The party has entered the ruins, fought some Mitflits, Giant Maggots, and the Giant Flies. At this rate they will likely return to Otari by nightfall... (after another session)

In my game, Lardus is not going to stand for these shenanigans, especially with such a small number of Goblins in Otari. Once he hears of it, he will want to make an example out of the offender.

My question: What suggestions are out there for how to handle this when the party returns from their first foray into the Gauntlight?

Probably just a night in jail, maybe a fine if there was damage? Troublemaking is definitely probably just a "spend the night in the clink" kind of deal.

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Otari as a whole is a pretty tolerant/chill town. I mean, they openly just allow a thieves guild to exist. The sheriff is a bit of a curmudgeon, but a reasonable party face could easily pull 'he almost died, isn't that punishment enough? No harm done!' type of argument.

Based on the web fiction, work details seem to be a punishment metted out regularly. You could then make a bit of an adventure out of it...a hard one that is the real 'punishment.'

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Good to see some folks are eager to risk a ride down the flume!

Folks who are looking for more of the real-world inspiration for the flume can check out some of my hometown's history here, or just check out some old photos of the flume itself or of the giant wheel that kept it going. (Note the two guys in that last photo, standing next to the wheel for scale!)

Thanks for the suggestions! The party is still on their first foray into the ruins (we play every other week), so the issue hasn't come up yet. They have just forced Boss Skrawng to surrender and that is where we pick up this Friday night.

I like the idea of a work detail to discourage further flume rides. Perhaps a day or two of working with the loggers, since the PC was so interested in the operation ;)

The historical background for the log flume is pretty awesome! Thanks for sharing James!

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