Dinner at Lionlodge Flip-Mat: Quite obvious and visible "S" for secret door?

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Hello everyone,

I just bought this fantastic one-shot (thank you James!) but with great displeasure, I realized that the flip-mat ("Lionlodge Map.jpg"), which is part of the product, displays a huge "S" for secret door on the southern wall. Unfortunately, it is so obvious that the door is thus *not secret anymore*. I have no idea what the purpose of this is since all other symbols and elements have been removed except this one.

I am using Foundry VTT, but even IRL the "S" could not be covered with paper. So how do you hide the secret door, then?

In the future, or perhaps even with this product, could you remove these features from all maps because right now, it takes major efforts (beyond Paint) to remove the "S" from the map. If you insist on keeping the "S", would it be possible to deliver two maps, one including the secret doors and one which is just the map without any symbols etc.?

Thank you very much and keep updating this extremely well-designed game!

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Ideally there would be four versions of each map in these one shots: gridded GM, gridded player, gridless GM and gridless player. These would cover all of the varied playstyles that I can think of. Sundered Waves came with two versions - the two I have no use for. Having to spend time editing the maps to be useful pretty much defeats the point of a pick up and play adventure, in my estimation. Hopefully one day we'll get there.

I found that laying "secret doors" around the visible 'S' on a map can be a method of hiding them, particularly if they are in a corner, you can cut the corner out when laying the walls. If you make the walls at least feel like they fit, the secret door remains somewhat secret.

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Looks like it was maybe a mistake?

The PDF has a version of the image without the S. You could always use that one instead.

Probably a printing mistake.

If the players are metagaming about it, just have them go ahead and roll the check to find the door. If they fail, they find a snake instead. Or maybe a scroll. Or scrap of fabric.

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