New to PbP and Pathfinder, what should I look for?

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I would be interested in playing in a PF2e PbP game, with a goody-two-shoes character.

I am brand new to PbPs and PF2e in general. Although I have several years worth of experience with AD&D and similar games both as a DM/GM and player, I have no idea how this works.

I looked at the already existing PbP threads and the recruitment posts and the virtual games and the Gencon posts and the stickies and it got overwhelming.

I hope you don't mind me asking it here:

How do I find a beginner friendly PbP group?
Shall I wait for one to pop up?
Shall I GM one myself? (Although I am new to PbPs, PF2e and English is my third language).
Should I learn something specific, that needs o be learned before?

Thanks for any kind of advice in advance.

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I suggest posting HERE stating what you are looking for, as well as following the Recruitment threads. In the HERE forum, many GMs look there, as well as announce there.

Good Luck finding a game.

-- david (aka Papa.DRB)

I suggest finding a game to play in before attempting to GM one.

As for what needs to be learned, just make sure you know the basic rules of how to play the game and the specific mechanics of your character (it sounds like you do).

Look in the Recruitment thread for a game in PF2E (or any system you want to play in) and read the GM's introductory post carefully. If the GM proposes a campaign idea that is cool to you, thorough about what they want in chargen, and communicates well and respectfully. Look for an experienced GM; while inexperienced GMs may be fine, since you are new it is better that your GM is not and is in a better place to help you navigate PBP. Plus you're less likely to get a GM who is going to get overwhelmed and flake out.

Submit an application, following the GM's chargen instructions. Make sure your character sheet is easy to read, complete as possible, and follows the rules of chargen the GM laid out in their first post or two. Do not be afraid to ask clarifying questions about the process in the recruitment thread.

When you post your application note you are new to PBP and would appreciate some guidance. This should not be a turnoff to a good GM and indeed if your application is otherwise good they may want to give a new player a chance.

This General Discussion thread has some advice about well organized character sheets, posting etiquette and formats, etc. that you may find helpful. At the same time don't overthink it--if you find yourself overwhelmed by the information, take a step back and work with what you know for now.

My main suggestion, and what worked the best for me, is to look for a PFS game or other short game for a low level party. It is by far the easiest way to get into the the game and try it without getting into a strong commitment.

The recruitment threat is the place to look through, but you can also try the Flaxseed lodge. If you post there saying you are new and looking for an initial experience, I am sure some GM will jump in and create a table for you to try.

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