Full Heal After Each Fight - Is That Okay?

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So my group is making its way into the 3rd level of the first adventure. Thus far there is absolutely no time limit, and the encounters are spread out enough where they don't really interact together. Thus, my players have been able to spend 10-30 minutes between each fight to fully recover hit points, focus points, etc.
Is that a problem? Is it the default assumption of the AP (and PF2 in general) that there are few lasting effects from any given combat (minus any potentially cast spells?) Each combat is basically taken as its own discreet occurrence with little continuity between?
Is this right? It seems almost too easy.

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Yes, the game is balanced assuming you'll be near full health. Spell slots, consumables, etc are the main things consumed between fights.

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There's a long discussion in the main PF2 forum about this topic in general

Healing After Every Combat

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