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Can you wield a Large weapon (eg., greatsword) in each hand ?

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Can you wield a large weapon in each hand? Yes.

Can you wield a greatsword in each hand? No.

You wield Large weapons with the same number of hands that you would use if they were medium. So you could wield two Large longhorns and have the same aesthetic as 2 greatswords, and have your extra rage damage with both of them, but D8 damage dice, but you could not dual wield greatswords with D12 damage dice.

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The "weapon built for a Large creature..." refers to a weapon of a normal type, scaled upwards.

So a Longsword scaled to a Large size creature in other words.

By default there is no way to wield something like a Greatsword in a single hand, or any guidance on how that would work if you were to try it. Greatswords have a hands requirement of 2, so even with your Giant Instinct in mind, you have to wield any greatsword with 2 hands by default.

This is because nothing about Titan Mauler changes the Weapon die or reach of a weapon, it performs Exactly like a weapon built for your size, excepting only how it effects your Rage Damage as a Giant Instinct Barbarian.

I could see ruling that a Greatsword would be essentially a Longsword or Bastard Sword made for a Larger creature, but that would downgrade it's damage to that of those weapons. But that is fully within the realm of GM house ruling.

This is for Balance, and to stay away from the age old Monkey Grip dual wielding Greatswords and the attached shenanigans of old.

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