How are folks enjoying the Beginner Box set?



I wanted to see how folks are using and what they think of the beginner box set.

My players are not new to the system and I just purchased the set so I can use the resources and the short adventure 'menace under otari'.

In short, I love it. Well done Paizo. Clear cut, succinct and easy to digest for new folks.

My Players are running Abomination vaults and this module along with troubles in Otari will all be made 'available' to the players as various missions/quests/requests from folks in town.

This will obviously change the exp and expected lvl for some encounters but that can be adjusted.

Thanks Paizo!

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Like you and yours, my group wasn't new to P2e when I ran it for them. I believe we were on Book IV of AoA (we recently finished and I'm currently working on a quasi review/highlights of our favorite and least favorite parts) and one of the players was out of state for two weeks and I decided to run that so they didn't miss too much.

It was a simple but fun adventure. Fairly fast paced.

For others wanting to run it and you know you'll be sticking with P2e,I recommend getting Troubles in Otari and Abomination Vaults (at least the first book) as it gives a lot more detail on the town and you can get them to really know it and the other townsfolk.

If you run Abomination Vaults after Menace and Troubles you can have those characters be other Adventures the new ones see and hear about and be possible replacements when they reach those levels or higher.

That was my idea at least when I was going to run AV. While most of the group was excited to play through a mega-dungeon, one or two expressed their dislike of them and when I mentioned I would be willing to run Strength of Thousands instead they all seemed interested, except one. They're still interested but we're looking forward to a huge dungeon.

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