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Broad Arc is not listed on table 1-2 "Weapon Upgrade Costs" on page 17 of the Starship Operations Manual. What would be a fair BP cost multiplier to upgrade a starship weapon with the Broad Arc special property?

For reference:

Broad Arc
A weapon with this special property can fire in an arc adjacent to the one in which it was installed with a –2 penalty. A broad arc weapon can fire at only one target at a time.

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Broad arc is basically another turret weapon. I'd be exceptionally leery of letting it be a purchasable upgrade at all.

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All the existing broad arc weapons are very low damage in addition to their attack penalty in adjacent arcs. A simple cost multiplier wouldn't be balanced without being so high that you'd never do it. So don't allow it in the first place.

As already stated, the answer here is put the weapon in a turret.

Don't bother at all with trying to allow other weapons to have the broad quality.

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I had a pretty good feeling that the given reasons was why it wasn't included as a weapon upgrade but I wanted to see if my hunch was correct.

Thanks everyone!

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