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I know the first book of Age of Ashes was written before the 2E rules were finalized, but I came to realize how far off the first level of this AP is regarding the recommended treasure by level chart (10-9) found on page 509 of the CRB.

The chart recommends that over the course of 1st level, they should have accumulated around 175gp (for a party of 4), or if you break it up then it recommends 2 first- and 2 second-level permanent magic items, in addition to consumables and cash.

After I ran my party through the upper level of the Citadel, they leveled up to 2nd and went back to town with their bag of loot.

I added everything together and was surprised to find so much cash equivalent being given (and not much to spend it on), but only a single permanent magic item. A +1 Shortbow. And that's only if they take it from Calmont!

So I decided to check the lower level (Vaults) to see what was waiting for them down there. The AP says that the characters will probably be 3rd level after leaving this part, so that means (according to 10-9) that they should have the following permanent magic items by the time they're done with the Vaults:
- 2 fourth
- 4 third
- 4 second
- 2 first

But the only things I can find on that level are 7 more +1 weapons (level 2), Bracers of Missile Deflection, Wand of Heal, and Doubling Rings (level 3).

In summary:
- 8 level 2 (if they took Calmont's bow)
- 3 level 3

I can't help but think that by the time they get down to the bottom level, they might be outgunned.


I'd recommend moving this to the Age of Ashes forum, myself.

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Perpdepog wrote:
I'd recommend moving this to the Age of Ashes forum, myself.

That's a great idea!

Where is it?

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Here's the link!

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NickTip wrote:

Thanks, I posted there, and flagged this as being in the wrong forum.

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