What are your Contingency spell triggers?

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You have dimension door (5th level) in Contigency (8th level).

What is your trigger for Contingency?


"I am attacked" probably keeps you safe, but is not useful for completing adventures.

You can change the spell held under Contingency if you want. I only picked Dimension Door as a 1 mile teleport should pull you out of most bad situations.

The way we play this spell, it is not optional and works autonomously.

The way it's written implies that you trigger it voluntarily so I don't see why "whenever I perceive anything" isn't a valid trigger.

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It will depend, many people probably uses the spell with more reactive and defensive triggers against enemies, I personally like proactive triggers and use the spell like a "quicken" spell reducing a spell from 2/3 actions to a reaction.

Some examples might be:

If I Stride
Cast Heroism

If I Cast a Spell
Cast lvl 4 Invisibility

Because it's a reaction I basically can choose when these common actions will be triggered.

If you run the spell as written, the optimal way of using the spell is choosing a trigger that triggers as frequently as your GM will allow.

So if you can get away with it "Trigger: I breathe" or "Trigger: a second passes" would be the optimal triggers to stick on any casting of contingency. Most(?) GMs probably wouldn't allow those triggers but you can apply this to other kinds of triggers as well. For example, "Trigger: I take damage" would be completely superior to "Trigger: I take fire damage".

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