Fall of Plague stone Heir to Folly side quest confusion

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This quest is provided to the character with the Lesser Scion (Noble) background. Mayor Targen Fulst mentions that he and the player character may be related and that they could find something at Bolmere Estate. The players can find a leather-bound book with their name inside of it in the Estate, but they also find a unique magic item that allows them to summon a mysterious creature that serves the family. This creature can serve the PC and provide it additional information on the family.

Problem is, this requires a planar ally ritual, which the PCs seemingly have no access to until 9th level, well beyond the scope of this adventure. While this is fine, I was wondering if I was missing something. It seems a shame to have such a cool item with unique background-related effects to be in the grasps of the PC but without any use whatsoever. Thoughts?

Liberty's Edge

It's just there to throw a bone to groups of players who might continue adventuring through other AP books, Modules, or Homebrew Adventures that began their career with Plaguestone.

It's not supposed to be anything impactful to the story that is actually being told but instead be a kind of easy "hook" for one or more characters to work toward as they move onto "bigger and better things."

That's my take on it at least.

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