The Infernal Chirurgeon of Hell

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So, there's this Cleric of Sarenrae in your party that is all about healing and stuff. And it pisses you off, you want to show them that Asmodeus is the true healing god (as Asmodeus is the one true god). So open your heart to the Infernal Chirurgeon of Hell™.

Disclaimer: You'll need a few Uncommon options to make it happen, so you'd better have a good relationship with your GM. Otherwise, blackmail him, you are a true follower of Asmodeus after all.

First, the rules say: You can't have more than 4 minions. Fine, you need 3.
How to get minions? Well, there are costly ways (Familiars, Animal Companions). And less costly ways (Animate Dead and other similar rituals).
Your minions need to:
- Haz handz (so no cat).
- Be accessible at level 5.
- Ideally take no place, so either Tiny minions or flying ones.
Best candidates are Homunculuses (which is also super logical for an Alchemist), Quasit and Imps. For the sake of this post, I'll consider Imps as you're the Infernal Chirurgeon of Hell, damn it!
So, get 4 Imps. Infernal Pact can only be cast by devils and nothing says these are minions, so get back to work, your GM needs to obey you! No power without sacrifice!

Put one of them in your Bag of Holding. Imps are there to suffer.
Give 2 Elixirs of Life to the others. Put them next to your Barbarian, Rogue and Paladin (Hello Paladin, wanna hug?).
During fights, you can now use your three actions commanding these minions, either moving them and delivering an Elixir of Life or even delivering 2 of them if they are properly placed. With 3 Elixirs of Life per round, you outheal your Cleric by 50% roughly. And you can produce so many of them that you will last way more than they do (remember, you're a Chirurgeon). Profit!

Sarenrae a healing goddess? Nah! Asmodeus is the one true healer!

Side note: Without using this exact technique (as most GM won't allow you to have 4 Imp minions), there are a few ways to get minions that will help you achieve high healing output with an Alchemist. So if you want to build a healing based Alchemist, don't hesitate to ask, I can give you a few build ideas.

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