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The natural lead out for this campaign is, of course, Ruby Phoenix, but what other ideas might you have to extend this campaign past level 10?

I had some off the cuff ideas, but I thought it might be interesting to see what others thought:

Option 1: Obviously, there's a shadow version of the Gauntlight in the Shadow plane. And you dealing with the material plane version has caused structural damage to it. While it held up, it was a solid Fetchling stronghold, but now various creatures have seized their chance to invade and try to take over the vaults.

D'ziriak, Shadow Wisps, a Shadow Yai, a family of Umbral dragons, Velstrac, and various undead all vie for individual levels, sometimes fighting the established denizens, and sometimes each other. A Fetchling dream prophet guides you to the lighthouse, begging you to come assist them from being wiped out.

Of course, other factions may try to earn your assistance as well. Playing each group off each other is the only way to survive in the long run, given how far you are from home. Along the way to the final level (passing through the individual layers of protections the fetchlings had used to seal off travel between levels in their hasty retreat), you can also encounter more neutral and even good allies, such as a colony of Fungus Leshies that had become trapped on the 8th level, led by a Shadowy fey.

Option 2: Nhimbaloth has not entirely forgotten you. Well, actually, she has (elder god after all, would you notice an ant?), but her herald has not. Given her herald is a level 23 troop of Dread Wisps (called the Breath of Nhimbaloth), this might prove...interesting when it decides to help and harass your party, as fits its mood.
Feeding it Undead, including advanced Shadow Wisps, might help its mood.

Option 3: No good deed goes unpunished. The complete collapse of the Gauntlight into itself killed a LOT of people. Enough to cause an entire series of undead and haunts, some that have begun to spread out. Someone probably ought to deal with that.

No reason these ideas can't be combined as well. Instead of structural damage, the collapse and creation of undead might have resulted in an influx of Nightshades on the Shadow Plane side of things. Even one or two could be enough to have caused the initial retreat, and the sudden rush to take advantage by other creatures.

Plus I always liked Nightshades. I think I'd enjoy converting them to PF2.

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There is no reason to think that the dark lands connections of this AP can’t link to the same setting as book five of extinction curse if you were not wanting to completely come up with your own material.

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It's possible to bridge into the second half of either Extinction Curse or Agents of Edgewatch.

An interim connective "adventure" would have to bridge the difference, but you've also got 1 level to play with, because you finish at 11th level, and the 4th adventure of both of those starts at 12th.

So it's kind of nifty to give you space to set the new stakes.

Extinction Curse:

For extinction curse, who interact with the Darklands a bunch more. You also likely completely avoid the circus aspect, and the falling off or failure to fully engage that gimmick is a criticism of Extinction Curse I've often seen anyway.

My suggestion for a bridge would be as famous ghost-busting heroes, the PCs are asked to go to the Moonstone Hall in Escadar, where they encounter ULTHADAR. They get given the gist of how the resonances work, then you red-dotted-line go to the Abberton Tower, then the three towers in the swardlands with a handful of encounters at each, finally turning 12th level as you head to Willowside with resonances and a general understanding of the aeon stones in hand. It should be possible to continue the campaign as written with no circus from there with little missing informarion or re-writing required.

Agents of Edgewatch:

For agents you upgrade from the biggest fish in a small town, to Absalom itself! Which is a cool transition for a high level campaign in itself. You also don't become cops/police, and my understanding is that that was both the most troubling and central to the plot in the earlier chapters. Instead you can be heroes who work with the Starwatch or under Wynsal directly. The bridge adventure could be an abridged approach to the Skinner (with significant level bumps). And the end of that can lead you directly to the Four and Flakfatter. There will likely be some things you'll need to inject into the story because it's a campaign with more fore-shadowing, but the stakes should be clear from the 4th volume.

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On sidenote, dunno how many collateral collapse of Gauntlight has since apparently only lighthouse collapses on each level, but not the dungeons themselves at least not completely(besides there being super deep hole that goes through all ten levels and thus connecting all of them to surface :'D )

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Does anybody else have an idea how to continue after the end? Perferrably not an AP. I was wondering what kind of adventures a level 10 party would get into in Golarion!

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Due to the popularity of this AP (and a 5e Conversion) I'm wondering if an official Darklands AP continuation (12-20) may be prudent to attract some of those 5e's over to Pathfinder and an extra resource for those Pathfinder players who purchased it. I for one would love an AP such as this. Thank you so much to all the Authors.

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