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Has the information on Moon Splinters ever been errata'd? It appears that the stats for the Full and New Moon models are identical, in addition to the fact that they change the damage type from Cold and Bludgeoning to Electricity for no clear reason.

I find them to be interesting weapons, but the dissonance between the first two and latter two models is so stark that I can only think it was an error of some sort.


It's from an AP, so it'll never be Errata'd, but it might be updated if it's ever reprinted in a future hardcover.

That's obviously not helpful now, though.

I don't see any clarifications in the Product Discussion thread (just repost this question there), and I don't see a GM Discussion thread for it, either.

So it is what it is.

Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
It appears that the stats for the Full and New Moon models are identical

Let me see here...

Nope, not quite identical. They have different power requirements. Both of them end up being able to be fired 20 times before running out of energy, but the New Moon Splinter ends up using more power. And for that extra power cost, you get ... nothing.

Yeah, that is very strange.

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