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I know there was a way in PFS1 was able to take the feat Dervish Dance to gain finesse with a scimitar/cutlass. But is there a way to get a feat or something where I can apply finesse to the scimitar/cutlass to be able to get Precise Strike as a Swashbuckler?

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Also, shouldn't this be over in PF2 Advice instead of Org Play?

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HammerJack wrote:


Also, shouldn't this be over in PF2 Advice instead of Org Play?

I don't know if it belongs there or not. This is kinda new to me. But yeah, didn't think it was possible.

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I've moved this thread to Advice.

Since cutlas is not actually a weapon currently defined, just use a rapier and "reskin" it to a cutlas.

Traditional PF2 pirate weapons are hatchet, rapier [finesse], scimitar, and whip [finesse] (pirate archetype). Boarding Axe (Azarketi Ancestry Web Supplement) and Boarding Pike & Combat Grapnel [finesse] (Pathfinder Society Guide) were given access to High Seas PCs.

So rapier, whip and combat grapnel are all finesse options for pirate themes.

Mechanically, I'm not sure if you'd even want to go out of your way to make a scimitar work.

In 1e, it was a 18-20 crit range, 1 handed weapon. That was highly valuable, and it was even more valuable since it was an early pure dex set up. Even for a strength class, the option to switch handed-ness was valuable, and it might not be much of a damage loss.

However, in 2e, none of that is as significant. Deadly is the main crit trait now. The scimitar's traits are relatively circumstantial, and probably not as valuable a agile. So a scimitar is arguably worse than the short sword you have now. And even agile is usually not as valuable as just having better damage dice, since that now outshines most damage sources.

Of course, this thread is about a flavor issue. But short swords now cover both cut and trust weapons, and there is a wide universe of swords you could label under the term. Messers in particular fit well into the cutlass style. The word means "knife", because of medieval copyright/patent/union laws and the name hints at how it is "totally not a sword. Nope, just a big knife. Yeah". They are closely related to falchions in terms of development history.

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I agree, while scimitar is the best choice construction-wise to a cutlass...besides Forceful there is no reason to use it. Although, looking at the description of the Shortsword...nothing says it couldn't have been forged to look like a cutlass as both are slashing and stabbing weapons. So I suppose until an actual cutlass is made that a swashbuckler can take advantage of (Precise Strike, etc) then I see no reason I can't go with a Shortsword. Especially since a rapier is not what my specific character would use.

The cutlass is likely coming in Guns & Gears since it was mentioned in the flavor text of the Gunslinger (same thing happened with the sword cane and the Investigator). That is still a ways out, naturally.

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The shortsword is mechanically flexible enough in general that I think refluffing it is probably the best way to accomplish pretty much any finesse-ish blade. Pirate finesse with a cutlass? Graceful samurai with a katana? Agile bandit with a giant knife?

Just make them all shortswords.

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