Sihedron medallions / rings and Mind Blank

Rise of the Runelords

Will Mind Blank stop Karzoug scrying on PCs through worn Sihedron medallions/rings?
My first instinct was 'no', since I consider wearing them more like giving K. a back door or an automatic acceptance, but I just wondered if there was anything official on the subject.

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I ruled that mind blank protects you from Karzoug's scrying. Furthermore, if I understand the spell correctly, you are undetectable when Karzoug is scrying through someone else's eyes.

My reasoning? Karzoug's scrying is still a scry effect, and you still get a saving throw (otherwise, how would you take the -4 penalty listed in the runewell of greed?). Given you're immune to scrying attempts targeted at you (which it must be, because you get a saving throw), the scry fails.

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