Sundered Waves statblock question


I'm prepping the new Sundered Waves One-Shot and noticed a strange detail,a dn possible inconsistency: The Human Fighter Jadren Tagar has low-light vision.

I can't for the life of me find where he would be acquiring this sense. I see nothing in the statblock that offers it and I'm wondering if maybe this is either an oversight? Or possibly a concession made for making the One-Shot smoother? Or less complicated?

Anyone have thoughts on this? Am I missing something?

Just looking at Kaako's stats, his acrobatics in my copy is given at +2, but for this trained skill it should be at least 11 with his dex +4 at 5th level.

I assume the edit missed off the 1, so should be +12 (with one of the magic items accounting for the extra +1.

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