[Purple Duck Games] Races of Porphyra 5e

5th Edition (And Beyond)

I am happy to announce that PDG's very first 5e book that converts the races found in the Porphyra Roleplaying Game to 5e, is now available.

Inside Races of Porphyra 5e, you'll find write-ups on the anpur, dragonblood, erkunae, eventual, orcam, and the zendiqi human. In addition, there's also the Porphyra orc, as well as the ilurielian elf and stone dwarf subraces, and two racial feats.


If there's interest, we're looking to do a second volume for the lesser known races of Porphyra. As well, I'd like to bring other elements over, such as new classes and subclasses, and even monsters.

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