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Hey out there!

I think something's busted in my account.

I've had no orders shipped since the September ones that were manually pushed through the system for me by Jeff.

Order 36244072 spawned on 9/24 but went nowhere.
Order 36244072 RE spawned on 10/23 with more stuff and still went nowhere.
Order 36244072 re spawned again on 11/19 with even more stuff and still went nowhere.
Order 36322435 spawned on 2/4 and also went nowhere.

If I were a gambler, I'd bet order 36322435 will re-spawn in March with more stuff :)

All the digital orders have come through just fine, but my physical orders are just hanging around in limbo.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am *not* emailing about this one, just using the forums so that there won't be multiple overlapping messages.

edit: I've been letting this just sit out of a morbid curiosity about how long it would last, but at some point things will end up out of stock and that would be poopy.

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Hi gbonehead,

I'm so sorry about the inconvenience! I've replied to you via email, so please respond to that if you have any questions!

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