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Hello everyone! Today's update is a big one, bringing you a host of new ancestries and versatile heritages (along with lots of mechanics for existing ones) to the Archives of Nethys! In addition to the Ancestry Guide, you will also find included the new Azarketi ancestry, available in the web supplement that Paizo put up earlier today!

As with other ancestries, we've aimed at putting up two art pieces for each one (and updating existing ancestries that didn't have at least two). You may notice, while browsing through the ancestries, that the Leshy actually has four pieces of art instead of two. This is not a bug. It is because they are adorable. Have you seen them?!

Ahem. In addition to the Lost Omens Ancestry Guide, we've added up Pathfinder #164, the second chapter in Abomination Vault. With it, we've updated the new monsters and the previous AP's monsters with all of the art, so go and check out some of the new horrors (if you aren't playing in it - if you are, shame on you)!

If you're eager to try this with other players online, I would highly recommend you check out Foundry VTT - the Pathfinder 2E team has been in crunch mode getting the Ancestry Guide in their own compendiums for use today. I cannot praise these guys enough for reducing my game prep time down by hours in having all of the statblocks and mechanics from new books ready to go in their systems.

Huge thanks to the whole team for their work on this, especially Devin, who spent who-knows-how-long converting all of the new content to fit our database. And thanks so much to all of you for using the Archives of Nethys - enjoy the new content!

New Books
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #164: Hands of the Devil
[Lost Omens] Ancestry Guide
[Lost Omens] Azarketi Ancestry Web Supplement

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Thank you for the update!

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