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Hello all,
I'm planning on running AoW set in Golarion soon, and after reading a lot of threads on Three Faces of Evil, I've decided to modify things so as not to overwhelm my party of three.

To convert AoW to Golarion I've switched the Ebon Triad deities to Zon-Kuthon (Hextor), Urgathoa (Vecna), and Lamashtu (Erythnul), and set the campaign in Cheliax.

Zon-Kuthon being the god of pain and torture gave me the idea to have Jieran Wieras, The Priest of Heironeus (Now Priest of Asmodeus) be the secret identity of the Leader of the Cult of Zon-Kuthon, since his whole deal is self-flagellation and getting others to inflict pain on themselves.

Now, splitting up the lairs of the Ebon Triad is going to be mostly to keep my three players from delving too deep too fast and getting squashed. So the Citadel of Zon-Kuthon is secretly in the basement of the church of Asmodeus, the Lair of the Grimlocks (maybe Morlocks, haven't decided if I'll make that switch) will be in an abandoned mine outside the city, and the Temple of Urgathoa will still be in the deeps of Dourstone Mine.

What I'm blanking on is a way to get the players to investigate the Zon-Kuthon and Lamsahtu areas first.

I've nicked some ideas from this thread regarding Smenk not actually getting a tour of Dourstone's opperation and sending his flunky in in secret, who then turns up dead.
So far for links I have the blackmail material being delivered to Smenk via one of the Zon-Kuthon/Asmodeus cultists, and his flunky's head showing up having been hacked off with primitive stone weapons.

But I need some more concrete links, in case the PCs don't talk to Smenk, or miss the more subtle clues.
Any ideas?

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