Order of Operations, Enemies of My Enemy

Savage Tide Adventure Path

As Iggwilv presents it, the players can make allies in whatever order they want. There are two difficulties with this: one, it makes it harder for me to prepare as GM, since I have to be ready for anything and can't just study one segment. Two, I think the chapter goes from easiest to most difficult. How did other people handle this? Maybe Iggwilv makes suggestions, at least "Save Bagromar for last, because this has the greatest risk of exposing your plot to Demogorgon."

Ideally you complete that discussion with Iggwilv with about an hour left of your session and let the players debate and discuss what to do and call it a night after they agree on where to go first.

You could prepare a second smaller Demogorgon ambush team that is easy to run if your players move in an unexpected direction and you want time to prepare one of the bigger set pieces.

My players rolled a 1 for the meeting with Iggwilv! I had her turn one into stone as they pressed ahead, and then they left. They managed to bribe one of the arcanloths into finding out what they wanted to know. I've skimmed chapter 12 and I think I have to have Iggwilv approach them for the iron flask anyway - perhaps with the arcanaloths in tow. I can have them say "how do you think I persuaded Iggwilv to share this information with me"?

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