Ameiko died :(

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At the raid of Sandpoint, the giants took Ameiko and some other Sandpointers prisoner. The party took way too long to catch up, going after literally every other potential hook that they saw while travelling towards Jorgenfist, so when they finally arrived at the point where the prisoners are in Jorgenfist I decided that 2 out of the 4 named NPCs would be dead already, while the others could still be saved. Ameiko was one of the ones who died.

The players know Ameiko is dead, the PCs do not. Now I know Ameiko appears in some other APs, I think Jade Regent? If we never play Jade Regent, but we possibly play the other Varisia APs in the future, how much impact does it have if Ameiko is not there? I was thinking of having Ameiko be thrown into the Pit in Jorgenfist (with the bad guys thinking she's dead) and then somehow climb out later after Mokmurian is defeated, and against all odds survive anyway. Would this be a good idea?

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I think this Pathfinder Wiki page will tell you everything you need to know about Ameiko's intended future. Varisia is not the nation where she later plays a major role.

Alright thanks! I can safely remove her from my campaign then. It's a pity, she was really liked by both me and the players, but what's a good story without some drama...

Leave a body. The PCs can always spend resources to bring her back.

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I would agree with leaving an intact body behind for the PCs to find and expend resources if desired to bring her back from the dead, assuming that is an option they have available to them. Since the players are aware of this, you can even put them on a meta timer to locate and retrieve her body before the time limit of Raise Dead is up, and they need to get a Ressurection then if they want her back. If they don't revive her, well it's a sad end and an important lesson that players choices have consequences, sometimes unfortunate ones.

However, even if the players don't bring her back, you can still run Jade Regent as written with one added wrinkle - someone or something took it upon themselves to bring Ameiko back. At the start of the Jade Regent game, Ameiko comes stumbling back into Sandpoint alive again, with no memory of how she got there or what happened.

Alternatively, she was found by the goblins the party goes to deal with at the very start of the AP, and they're keeping her prisoner on the assumption that she is some random human from Sandpoint wandering around in THEIR swamp.

The players now instantly have a mystery to hook them into the story - who intervened to revive Ameiko, why, and how? You can then make the answers whatever you wish, whether it's an NPC from the AP, an original character, some kind of kami spirit or some sort of weird revenant thing where Ameiko can't rest until the Jade Regent is dealt with and balance restored to Tian Xi. Whatever you want, go nuts!

Oh yes I intend to leave the body and will try to make sure the PCs find it. And thanks for the ideas Inspectre, that sounds like a cool adventure hook!

On this note: does anyone know what happens if you try to resurrect someone who has been sacrificed to Karzoug with the Sihedron rune?

Nothing. All the rune does is draw off some emotion from the moment of their death. Their soul is still fully intact when it enters Pharasma's domain.

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Jade regent spoiler:
The front matter for the GM in part 1 of Jade regent gives you the option that Ameiko has a unknown half sister Amaya it appears Lonjiku cheated too.

Although this sister also appears in Council of theives ap so don't kill her too if you want/need her as a replacement.

All of the above said Ameiko is well loved by every person I know who has encountered her and it wouldn't be inappropriate for the party to seek a way to bring her back. The other noble houses especially the Deverin's may even be willing to help financially as would a number of NPC's in Sandpoint.

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