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Hey all, I just saw this video: and thought it would make as a pretty cool addition to the Guns & Gears book when it comes out. What I'm thinking is it's mechanically the same as a glaive or other polearm, but also can be used as a stand for a long-range firearm like a musket or arquebus with a single interact action.

So you could:
1) interact to place the bardiche
2) fire musket
3) move to another location or reload

I think placing the bardiche would mean you can't wield it like a weapon, so if you place then fire, you couldn't immediately attack as your hands aren't in the right place for that.

Maybe what I'm thinking is a bit too complicated, but I have a bit of a headache, so don't yell at me bro!

Anyway, take care and have fun pew pew-ing things!!!

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Going to be honest, that sounds like it may be better suited to Inventor.

But ways to make a hybrid melee/ranged weapon are absolutely in Inventor's wheelhouse, I like that thematically. Just not sure how it works in practice?

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Just yesterday, I saw a historical picture of a Musketeer using a kind of short spear with a fork on it (blade on one of the 2 prongs) to stabilize his musket.

So, yeah. They found ways to weaponize the stand they had to use to stabilize their firearm.

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Today I learned a lot more about the Bardiche and now I want to play a soldier character with one.

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