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Spoilers below but I could really use some help with an idea, thanks!

For a variety of reasons which actually work really well for my campaign, I made Lamatar Bayden (the former, now undead, Commander of Fort Rannick) the father of one of my PC's. The PC has been looking for his father for years and his search is about to lead him to the hags at Hook Mountain where Lamatar is under their sway.

I'm trying to craft a deal that the hags would want to make with the PC's in return for Lamatar. I also really want the PC to have to fight his undead father. Good drama. Most likely he'll want to take the corpse back to Fort Rannick and eventually to Myriana for resurrection.

What kinds of deals do hags like to make? What would they want from the pc's whom they know, from scrying, to be more powerful than they are?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much!

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"Here, have some dumplings before you go. We made them ourselves, and they're sure to keep you warm!"

In case they ask, "Oh, no, not of anyone you know. Just some ogre who outlived his usefulness. We asked Barl and everything!"

EDIT: I did this myself, and the PCs just accepted them without asking. Then one of the hags told Barl they quit, incidentally also tipping him off that Those Guys were here.

How about blood for blood, an equal human sacrifice. Good characters may have a moral issue with this though. if you add a Night Hag to the mix, she could just want a soul from the candidate below.

You can use...:
Kaven Windstrike, the traitor that sold out Rannick to begin with once he's discovered. PCs will have to go back and recover the body, or a Night Hag stashed with the Annis coven could be led back to the body and handwaive the soul trapping by leaving her there to do what she will with the body. Barl's body or soul works too, but I would let the hags live up to their cruelty by demanding a human for a human.

Hi and apologies for the delay in responding to the responses! Many thanks to you both!

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Hi there Pasoguava. Not sure if you've run this yet, but my party was friends with the hags for quite a while, and here were some deals they made:

1) In exchange for the reincarnation of Nualia, they agreed to purge Myrianna's spirit from the Shimmerglens.

2) In exchange for a lock of Lamatar's hair, they paid Cydrak Drokkus to compose a poem praising their beauty, grace, and wisdom.

3) As reparations for feebleminding one of them in combat, they agreed to heal them as soon as possible, donated ritual components to them, and helped cement their control over the Kreegs.

In exchange for Lamatar, I would definitely propose a sacrifice, preferably of a handsome and strong Medium or Large humanoid (Kaven, Vale, and Jakardos being the obvious picks, but Barl and a potential few others also fit the bill).

If you want something awfully convenient (and not-evil), exorcising Myrianna could also work - it still fits a 'life for a life' theme. An unlife for an unlife, I suppose.

As a final option: does your party have access to Nualia or her corpse? Priestesses of Lamashtu may be very interested in that :)

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