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Hi all! I need some advice on items to purchase for my 6th level Technomancer (Star Knight), here. The Dawn of Flame campaign she's in is heating up in a very literal way, and so I'm trying to think of some sensible things she can buy with about 3,946 credits before going through a long stretch of campaign where shopping will be inaccessible.

I'm not sure if I should purchase a second Personal Upgrade for my INT or upgrade my STR one to +4, or if there's other stuff that may be more useful. I really don't have to worry about weaponry because I rely primarily on the junksword spell for a weapon. Any suggestions for a more melee-oriented technomancer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Melee oriented? I'd go for the +4 to STR... If you can afford it, they cost a lot more than 4k Cr though.

Otherwise... armor, a blackheart mk 1, a six pack or two of serums of healing, minimal speed suspension, or a jetpack all could be useful depending on campaign.

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