Reaper Virtual Expo! March 5th-7th

Online Play

** Venture-Lieutenant, Online—VTT

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Reaper Virtual Expo March 5th-7th

Where?: Online! Reaper Virtual Discord
Cost?: Free!

Will there be games?: Absolutely! SFS, PFS 1e, 2e, and PF1 Modules!
When can I sign up to play?: Starting January 31st!
Can I still sign up to GM?: Yes, for just a couple more days from this post

Where can I sign up?: Reaper Virtual Expo Warhorn

Paizo Event: Reaper Virtual Expo: 2703515
For any accommodations, or other inquiries, please contact the organizers.

Happy Gaming!

5/5 *** Venture-Agent, California—San Francisco Bay Area North & East

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** Venture-Lieutenant, Online—VTT

Player sign-ups are now open! We have an unbelievable number of amazing GMs, and adventure authors; be sure to check them out!

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