PF1e Santa Claus / Kris Kringle (Archfey)?


Ever since Krampus was written for Bestiary 6, I've been looking (and hoping) to find some company or person who did a really good Pathfinder monster stat for "Kris Kringle."

But NOT as a character. As the Archfey he clearly is supposed to be. With Krampus being CR 21, I'm looking for Archfey stats for Santa Claus of a being who should definitely be probably CR 24 or 25.

I keep finding him being given stats as if he were a human with class levels or a Fey with class levels and not many special abilities and other aspects of being more of an Archfey than just a bunch of class levels with the Fey creature type stuck to it.

If anyone knows where I can find such a write up, I'd love to know (Surprised Paizo never statted him up as one after all the years 1e has been out).

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