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Owner - House of Books and Games LLC

Hey out there,

Most of the site is behaving normally, but the gift certificate page is going off to oblivion and never actually loading.

I have a hunch is has something to do with the weirdo URL it's trying to load, but that's just a guess.

For some odd reason the URL is this (note the odd signIn at the end):

Quote: ?path=store/giftCertificates

... even though I'm already logged in. I cleared all cookies and similar crap (sometimes web site changes cause of odd behavior with saved cookies) but it's still happening. I've let it sit for several minutes now and eeeeeeeeeventually it came up with the rat-thing trouble page.

Anyways, figured someone ought to know :)

now if the order beast would only ship my orders :(

Owner - House of Books and Games LLC

And now (my guess would be it's on purpose) the option to buy gift certificates has disappeared from the site.

If you go to the URL above that wanted to take you there, it still makes you sign in (even if you're already signed in) but then it goes off to oblivion just as before.

And also curious, if you search for Gift Certificate, the main search page shows 2 matches, which would make sense, but when you click on that link it brings you to a product tab saying nothing found.

Not urgent, just looking to throw some money Paizo's way to use for my subs :)

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