Reload and Grit

Gunslinger Class

Gunslingers being tied to Reload, and how to make that mechanic "less annoying" is everpresent in this forum.

My own take on this issue:

Reload basically "wastes" actions per turn.

It is less impactful in short encounters and more impactful in longr encounters (akin to the old, fire the loaded crossbow and drop it)

So in effect, in an encounter where you need to spent a lot of rounds, you end up spending a lot of actions on reload.

Introducing "Grit":

Grit is your perseverence, the longer you hold out, the longer it takes for you to down your enemies, Grit builds up:

Actual mechanic:

Every time you reload you gain 1 Grit point.

You then have "grit point" spender abilities:

example baseline ability:

Determined Shot:
Free actionn:
Spent 3 Grit points. In your next Strike with a firearm of crossbow this turn you deal 3 additional Presision damage.

And then you can add mopre feats/abilities that work of spending Grit points. Temp HP, extra distance moved on strides, circumstance bonuses on skills, and etc.

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