Large Hideaway Limb Augmentation Cost?

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I was surprised to find this not having been asked anywhere on the rules forum before.

Hideaway Limb wrote:
This type of augmentation is for Small and Medium creatures only. Hideaway limbs for creatures larger than Medium typically cost more but can hold items of greater size or bulk.

Does anybody know if the designers have stated any place what the cost is for large+ creatures, or what limitations these augmentations have for such characters?

Thanks in advance!

I would like to know too. Same with tiny.

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In Pathfinder 1e, Large sized weapons and armor were 2x the cost of Medium sized. Might be a good place to work off in lue of an official answer.

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I would think looking at Starfinder rules would make more sense.

"Weapons can be built for use by smaller creatures but generally cost twice as much (since they require special miniaturization technology). Weapons can also be built for use by larger creatures with no increase in price. "

Which means its still a wild guess.

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