[PF2E] Advanced GM screens (both versions) appear to be oddly formatted

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I've also mentioned this in the CS forums, but a fellow forums member told me this sub-forum was probably a better place for such threads. Assuming that's correct, I think it best if this thread is continued here. (I'll link to this thread in the other one.)

Both the Advanced GM screens appear to be oddly formatted. I don't have an extensive list of all oddities that I was able to spot (and I don't have the files on the computer I'm currently using), but from the top of my head:

* The paper size ratios and padding appear to be incorrect and inconsistent with the 'normal' (non-advanced) GM screen
* There are duplicate 'backside' pages in one of the files in both the portrait and landscape versions
* One of the versions (either portrait or landscape) has the incorrect backside image in one of its files

There may be more; could you guys take a look at those files and update them if needed?

I agree the PDF's are poorly formatted. Attempting to print the pdf results in an image about half the size it should be. It looks like it was put landscape on a portrait page.

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