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The text of Blade Ally states:
". . . In your hands, the weapon gains the effect of a property rune. For a champion following the tenets of good, choose disrupting, ghost touch, returning, or shifting . . . "

Looking at all those property runes, the usage for all of them is "etched into a melee weapon."

Does the weapon the Champion is applying the Blade Ally enhancements to have to meet the prerequisites for those enhancements?

As an example, can a Champion of Erastil apply the disrupting effect to their Longbow, even though it is not a melee weapon?

If so, do those enhancements then transfer to the ammunition?

Could I use the shifting enhancement to replicate the "Bowstaff" spell from PF1?

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These runes just don't work with Ranged Weapons: You can't put them on such a weapon, even via Blade Ally

In the case of Shifting, it specifically allows you to shift from one melee weapon to another melee weapon:

Shifting (Item 6) wrote:

Magical, Transmutation

Source Core Rulebook pg. 585 2.0
Price 225 gp
Usage etched onto a melee weapon
With a moment of manipulation, you can shift this weapon into a different weapon with a similar form.

Activate Single Action Interact; Effect The weapon takes the shape of another melee weapon that requires the same number of hands to wield. The weapon’s runes and any precious material it’s made of apply to the weapon’s new shape. Any property runes that can’t apply to the new form are suppressed until the item takes a shape to which they can apply.

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so, for us ranged guys.. animal companion it is then.. sad day.. *looks up at deity with ranged weapon as sacred weapon*... guess i should have gone with Yamatsumi instead of Erastil.

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